Samsung VR9000 POWERbot Cleaning Robot Vacuum (Certified Refurbished)




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Sit back and let the Samsung POWERbot VR9000 handle the vacuuming. Not only is it 60X more powerful than the average vacuum*, but it’s packed with smart technology that allows it to navigate your home with ease and adjust for floors and carpets automatically for maximum cleaning effectiveness. The POWERbot VR9000 is packed with technology and is 60X more powerful than the previous model*. It rolls right over most vacuuming obstacles thanks to its EasyPassTM wheels. It also automatically transitions from carpet to hard floors with ease to provide the right type of cleaning action for whatever surface it’s on. The POWERbot features a powerful Cyclone Force system that generates strong centrifugal forces. This separates dirt and debris into an outer chamber to reduce filter clogging and maintain suction power. The VR9000 contains an onboard digital camera and ten individual smart sensors that help it determine the optimal cleaning path by creating a complete map of your home, including walls, furniture and stairways. So you don’t need to worry about furniture or objects on the floor. Simply turn it on, and let it do the vacuuming for you. While the beauty of the POWERbot VR9000 is that it vacuums independently, you also have the option for on-demand cleaning. When you need spot cleaning, simply point the remote’s light beam at a particular area, and the POWERbot will follow it, cleaning as it goes.This Certified Refurbished product is tested & certified by Samsung to look and work like new. The product includes accessories, and is backed by a 90 Day warranty.
Powerful robotic cleaning with 60X more suction than the previous model*
Cyclone Force reduces clogging and maintains suction power
Visionary Mapping Plus System creates the optimal cleaning path
Point CleaningTM remote lets you direct the robot to clean up messes on the spot