Samsung VR2AJ9020UG Powerbot Essential Robotic Vacuum




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Powerful robotic cleaning on carpets and hard floors the powerful Essential is a powerful robotic vacuum that cleans both carpets and hard floors. Its signature features include; powerful robotic vacuum, visionary mapping plus system, and cyclone force cleaning design. The powerful Essential boasts 10x more powerful suction than the leading Robot vacuum brand and its easy pass wheels roll over most obstacles without getting caught. You can use the included remote control to easily control all functions without touching the powerful! the visionary mapping plus system creates a complete map of your home to find the optimal cleaning path making cleaning very efficient. Furthermore, smart sensing uses ten sensor and onboard digital camera to minimize bumping into furniture and avoid obstacles.Powerful robotic cleaning: 10x more powerful suction than the leading robot vacuum brand*
Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor: Creates optimal cleaning path and avoids obstacles
CycloneForce – More consistent power with less clogging**
Easy Pass Wheels – Large wheels move smoothly over obstacles
Combo Brush – Picks up pet hair with less tangles