Pureclean PUCRC45 – Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Removable Dustbin, Automatic Return Charging Dock and Weekly Schedule Feature




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Automate your home cleaning with the Pure Clean PUCRC45. PUCRC45 will work while you are away from home so it does not interfere with your everyday life. Set a weekly schedule from the robot’s built in LCD display and the robot will activate for a cleaning during the day – then return back to base to recharge. Scheduling can be set to only activate on certain days during the week. You can also program an extended cleaning session if you would like to clean more than one time during a day.

PUCRC45 was designed to be able to work around your home. A 3.5″ low-profile design fits underneath furniture and in hard to reach areas. A built in rear wheel spring shock system keeps the robot from getting stuck and helps the it climb small obstacles. Anti falling sensors prevent your robot from driving over ledges like stairs.

Cleaning and maintenance is simple! The .7L removable dustbin easily detaches from the robot’s body for emptying. The 5″ rotating bristle and the 7″ spinning debris sweeper are removable and replaceable. We include a cleaning brush to make easy work of cleaning debris from the robot’s sweepers.

The built in display will also allow you to check and set robot info like the current time, schedule time, schedule settings, dustbin status, current mode, power status and any error messages.

The robot will require approx. 3 hours to reach a full charge and will clean for a max duration of 60 to 90 minutes before returning to the charging dock.

Pure Clean guarantees this product with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty!Automatically Cleans, Vacuums and Dusts Hardwood Floors, Tile and Hard Carpets
Use the LCD Screen to Program a Repeating Weekly Cleaning Schedule so the Robot will Clean While you are Out – Set the Bot to Activate on Specific Days of the Week!
Follows Walls with Edge Cleaning and Tackles Large Open Floor with Spot Spiral Mode – Anti-Falling Sensor and Obstacle Detection Helps Prevent the Robot from Getting Stuck or Rolling over Edges
Never Worry About Charging. Infrared Sensors Allow Automatic Return to Charging Dock When Battery is Low
Spinning Debris Sweeper Pushes Dirt Under the Vacuum and Rotating Bristle Works to Free up Dirt for the Powerful 35w Vacuum – Washable Filters, Releasable Brush and Removable .7L Dust Bin Allows for Easy Cleaning and Maintenance