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The Swivel Sweeper Max is powerful, swivels 360 degrees, cleans floors fast, is cordless and rechargable. Works on all floor types, and is ultra lightweight – 2 lbs (pounds). Includes Four Quad-Brush technology which picks up on all 4 sides. Removable bristles allow for quick and easy removal of tangles. 33% more power over previous versions. Includes: cordless swivel sweeper, 7.2V (volt) rechargable battery, and battery charger. As seen on TV. No. SWSMAX-MC4: Type: Rechargeable, Color: Purple & Gray, Brush: Four Quad-Brush Technology, Cleaning Surface Type: All Surfaces, Pkg Qty: 1, Package Type: BoxDoes not require expensive, messy bags
Low profile design makes clean up under furniture a snap
Its flat shape fits under tables, couches, and other hard to clean areas
The Swivel Sweeper Max’s corner brushes spin at 4000 rpm
Removable, Cleanable, Reusable bristles