Neiko® 53418A Heavy Duty 36″ Magnetic Sweeper Metal Pickup Tool with Quick Release | Adjustable Height




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Pickup metal shavings and other ferrous objects around the shop, job sites, garages and more. This heavy duty sweeper can be used on concrete, carpet and even grass surfaces. An adjustable spring-loaded handle with a quick release discards all items picked up in the proper place.HEAVY-DUTY SWEEPER: The heavy duty aluminum body metal sweeper holds 30 lbs of ferrous objects while maintaining durability
QUICK RELEASE: Perfect for picking up nails on job sites, the spring loaded handle allows release and easy removal of dangerous metal objects
WORKS IN CONFINED SPACES: Extendable handle from 31″ to 45″ provides more efficient maneuverability in confined areas
USE ON VARIOUS SURFACES: Keep tires and foot traffic safe from sharp metal objects scattered on concrete, wood, lawns, asphalt and more
EASY TO ROLL: Easy to roll over ground to pick up metal pieces nestled down in the dirt