Neato Robotics XV-21 Vacuum Cleaner (Certified Refurbished)




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The Neato XV-21 takes automatic vacuuming to a new level. Whether your floors are carpet, wood, tile, or vinyl, the XV-21 is ready to take on the task of keeping your floors neat and clean.

The XV-21 features a special bristled brush that enables the pick-up of tough pet hair, dander and fibers, and the Pet and Allergy Filter boosts airflow and suction power and picks up and retains more than three times the amount of fine dust particles of standard filters.

Reduces allergens and picks up pet hair. Unique Pet and Allergy Brush: picks up pet hair; Runs quietly, especially on hard floors. Special Pet and Allergy Filter: High airflow and suction power; Picks up and retains fine dust particles. Vacuums in methodical back-and-forth pattern; Vacuums close to walls and corners; Carefully cleans around obstacles and under furniture. Easy, Automatic Operation: Large, bagless dirt bin, it’s easy to empty and clean; Automatically adjusts between carpets and hard floors; Automatically returns to base to recharge.

The robot uses its laser to see its surroundings and create accurate maps of areas to be cleaned- including furniture, objects and doorways.

This item is is a Neato certified factory reconditioned unit. This means the unit has been partially disassembled, cleaned, and thoroughly tested to ensure it performs to new factory specifications of an XV-21 model unit. *Covers from several different models are used during the reconditioning process however the internal mechanics of the entire are entirely an XV-21 model and the unit is certified to perform like a new XV-21. Colors are assorted Mfr Warranty 90 days

Package Contents
Neato XV-21 Robotic Vacuum
1 Air Filter
Charging Station
Boundary Markers
User Guide (instructions to view online)
Brush and Roller (1 of each)Automatically adjusts between carpets and hard floors – Great for pet hair
Cover colors are assorted (please see description below)
Automatically vacuums in methodical back and forth patterns
Automatically returns to base to recharge. ** Note – Please refer to the manual before use **