Mighty Vac Pro, The Super Sweeper + Lint Brush. Handheld Vacuum For Crumbs, Pet Hair, Dirt, Dust, Dry Spills and Lint. (1, Black)




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Mighty Vac Pro is a great handy mini super sweeper that’s easy to use for multiple purposes. Whether you are using it as a lint brush or like a vacuum, it is always handy when you need it. For pet hair, or lint on clothing or furniture, use the lint brush for easy removal. For crumbs on the kitchen tablecloth or counter, dirt, crumbs and messes in your car, use the sweeper. The 2 in 1 Mighty Vac Pro handy sweeper is versatile and has countless uses. Great for moms to keep in the diaper bag for your baby’s dry spills. No batteries needed! Just slide the sweeper back and forth over the mess and watch it suck it up like magic! Pull the 2 pieces apart to empty the contents inside for a quick and easy clean up. The lint brush comes in handy for lint removal, pet hair removal or you could even use it on upholstery, furniture or even your felt pool table! Countless of uses and they even make great gifts or stocking stuffers! Save time, money, electricity and save yourself the pain and hassle of grabbing the vacuum for every little mess. Mighty Vac Pro is perfect for the home, your car or on the go. Comes in 3 colors, black, blue and red. Lifetime Guarantee, we stand behind our products!Mighty Vac Pro – For small spills, minor messes, crumbs on the table or counter, dirt, pet hair, lint on clothing or furniture.
The handheld miniature super sweeper is durable, lightweight and never needs batteries! Roller on one side, lint brush on the other,the best of both worlds!
Keep one in the home and one in your car or purse/diaper bag so you are always ready to clean up messes and spills.
Easy to use and handle. No need to lug the vacuum up and down steps, or the broom and dust pan to clean up minor spills. Use Mighty Vac Pro and clean up in seconds effortlessly!!
Great for the kitchen table/counter, the couch, carpet, rugs, steps, car seats/mats, your clothing and much more!