Lilin Robot Vacuum Cleaner Multifuction(Sweep, Mop, Vacuum, Sterilization), LCD Touch Screen, Auto Charge, Schedule Cleaning A335B




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Product Name: Robotic Vacuum Cleaner A335


1. Super Large LCD Touch Screen, making the LED Touch Screen and Press Button out of date
2. 4 IN 1: Sweeping, Vacuuming, Mopping and Sterilization
3. Suitable for various floor situations: Marble, Short-haired carpet, Ceramic tiles, Wood floor
4. Schedule Vacuuming: The robot will leave the charging docking station on the scheduled time
5. Extremely low noise: less than 50db while cleaning
6. Smart Isolation: Two-way Space Isolator makes sure the robot work within certain area
7. Extra-thin body: Only 8.7cm in height, can easily work under the sofa and bed
8. Intelligent Crossing: The robot will pass trhough the hanging objects easily
9. The robot can easily cross the doorsill or carpet strip less than 15mm in height
10. Anti-collision system make the robot avoid collision when it runs into barriers
11. Anti-falling system assures the unit will not drop from the stairs or tables
12. Anti-winding system makes the robot avoid to be twined when it runs into the electric wires and fringes
13.Self Recharge: In case of low battery, the robot will search the docking station for charging automatically
14. Spot Cleaning: Set spot cleaning mode, the robot will vacuum around extent of the 1.5meter
15. UV Sterilization making the room clean and healthy
16. Charging Time: 3-4hours, Working Time: 90minutes, Battery: 2200MA NI-MH, Dustbin Capacity: 350ml

What’s in the box:

1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1 Docking station
1 Adapter
1 Space Isolator
1 Remote Control
1 HEPA Filter
1 Dust brush
1 Side brush
1 Mopping cloth
1 User manual
Auto Recharge: In case of power shortage while working,it will find the charger auto without manual
Anti-fall Function: Automatically detect dangling function, no worry about falling down
Powerful Cleaning Ability: Hair, melon seeds, walnut shell can easily be sucked
Anti-winding Function: When stuck by wires, carpet or fringe line, will automatically revolving away
Health: UV sterilization, HEPA fliter, prevent secondary pollution, make your house healthy and clean