Leifheit 11410 Classic Manual Rotaro Carpet Sweeper with Natural Brushes, Black and Gray




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The compact Rotaro Sweeper makes clean floors easier to keep. This cordless sweeper is quiet, using 3 rotating brushes to sweep and gather crumbs and debris off the floor.  It combines a strong main brush with 2 corner sweepers to handle big messes quickly.  Simply empty its removable debris tray when you’re finished!  It is ideal for low-pile rugs and carpets. A simple knob adjusts brush-height for effective sweeping.  Best of all, it does this without using any electricity and with minimal noise.  This makes it perfect for quick clean ups when the rest of the house is asleep. The low-profile, flat-lying hand lets you reach underneath furniture. Crumbs don’t stand a chance! With no-tool assembly and flat-hanging storage, this is the sweeper you don’t want to be without.  Also includes brush comb to remove hair and debris that can get trapped in brushes.  Ensure brushes are clean and free to spin for most effective sweeping! Classic, lightweight (5 lbs.!) manual carpet and floor sweeper for quick cleans low-pile rugs and carpet
Adjustable all-natural bristle brushes adapt to carpet thickness
Collapsible handle tilts flat to reach under furniture,Wheel-driven corner brushes
Removable debris tray for quick emptying and thread comb to efficiently remove hair and lint from brushes.
Refer product details for user manual.