Infinuvo Hovo 620 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filter Home Charging Station/Scheduler/Remote Control/Virtual Blocker/UV Light/Mopping Pad




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Hovo 620 is a new addition to Infinuvo robot vacuum family. The major difference between Hovo 600 and Hovo 620 is that Hovo 620 comes with UV lamp and mopping pad attachment. UV light helps to kill dust mites, bacteria and germs while it is cleaning and mopping pad is good for cleaning hardwood floor. Hovo 620 is equipped with advanced dual-filtration system. It uses both fine pre-filter and HEPA filter to catch fine dust and allergens, leaving fresh air in your home after cleaning. Hovo 620 eliminates the roller brush, so users do not need to spend a lot of time to clean the hairs tangled on roller brush. The vacuum entry on Hovo 620 is wider, so hairs and debris can be easily sucked up and collected in the dustbin. Its docking performance is improved. Hovo 620 can detect home base from about 15 ft. away and return to the base when battery is low. NOTE: In case you have large house or complicated room layout, it will take longer time to return to the base. When Hovo 620 moves closer to an obstacle, it will slow down for soft bumping, or avoid direct impact and turn to another direction. It will not cause damage the furniture. Users can set up a cleaning schedule and Hovo 620 will start cleaning automatically according to preset time. When battery is low, Hovo 620 will return to home base for re-charging. With low profile design, Hovo 620 can go underneath bed and other hard-to-reach place to clean dirt, dust and pet hairs. The cliff sensors will detect stairs prevent it from falling down. Hovo 620 is a great robot vacuum for pet lovers and people with allergies. It works best on hardwood, linoleum and tile floors, but it is not recommended for medium or long-pile carpets. This product is covered by 1-year manufacturer warranty for US customers. Warranty is not valid for product shipped to other countries.Stronger vacuuming power than previous Infinuvo Clean Mate robot cleaners
HEPA filter catches fine dust and allergens; UV light kills dust mites, bacteria and germs Great for pet owners and people with allergies
No roller brush on Hovo 600 series, so it is much easier to maintain after each use
Dual side brushes for better coverage; Spot cleaning to clean dirtier area for longer time; Visual alert when dustbin is full; Touch control display
Home charging base, scheduler, remote control and virtual blocker are all included for added convenience