Infinuvo Hovo 510 Plus Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with HEPA Filter Home Charging Station/Scheduler/Remote Control/Virtual Blocker/UV Light




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Infinuvo Hovo 510 Plus is latest addition to Hovo 500 series robot vacuum family. Hovo 510 Plus comes with HEPA filter, UV light, home charging base, virtual block and remote control. It can perform floor sweeping, vacuuming and sanitizing all in one step. It is a great choice for pet owners and people who suffer from allergies. It is very easy to use the Hovo 510. Just turn on its main power switch and press AUTO button on the vacuum and your Hovo 510 Plus will start cleaning your floor automatically. It works best on hard floor and low-pile carpet. With dual cleaning brushes and strong vacuum, it can pick up almost everything from dust, dirt, pet hair to large debris. It works for 90100 minutes on a single charge. The docking is smooth and reliable. Hovo 510 Plus is able to detect home base from about 20 ft. away and return to the base for recharging once battery is low. Users can set up their own cleaning schedule with user-friendly remote control. The virtual blocker prevents it from getting into restricted area. With on-board cliff sensors, it will not fall over stairs. When it is close to an obstacle, it will either slow down for soft bumping, or completely avoid the object. Remote control is the command center of your Hovo 510. You can use it to set up clock, cleaning schedule, control cleaner’s operations and even check error codes on its large LCD display. Low profile design allows it to clean under beds, couches and other hard to reach places. Comparing with other models, Hovo 510 Plus is a powerful robot cleaner that offers so many nice features at affordable price. You will always come home to enjoy a clean floor. Warranty: 1-year manufacturer warranty for US customers (6 month warranty for battery). Warranty is not valid for product shipped to other countries. Product dimensions: 12.5″ x 3.8″.Powerful automatic cleaner with HEPA filter, scheduler, home base, remote control, UV light and boundary blocker
Sweep, vacuum and sanitize the floor in one step Great for pet owners and people with allergies
HEPA filter catches fine dust, dust mites, pollens and allergens UV light helps to kill dust mites and bacteria on the floor
Return to home charging station when battery is low; Schedule cleaning time using the scheduler function
Best for using on hardwood, linoleum and tile floors Not recommended for plush or long-pile carpets