Infinuvo CleanMate QQ-2 BASIC Robotic Vacuum Cleaner




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QQ-2 BASIC is the most affordable cleaning robot in CleanMate QQ2 series robot vacuums. It does not come with a home charging base like more expensive QQ2 models, but all other features are the same. It is an automatic and intelligent vacuum robot that sweeps and vacuums for you. It can easily handle various surfaces including hardwood, tile, linoleum and low-profile carpets. It will go under the beds and other hard-to-reach places to clean dirt, dust and pet hairs. Comparing with other brands on the market, one unique feature of QQ2 series is that it has build-in UV light, so it can do disinfection job for you while vacuuming, killing bacteria, germs and allergens on your floor. This is a big plus especially for people who have pets in the house, or who suffer allergies. With the its cliff-sensors, CleanMate can avoid stairs and edges. CleanMate can clean up to 80 minutes on a single charge. The battery charging time is about 3 hours. At this price range, QQ2 BASIC gives you the best performance for the buck. It is an excellent alternative to iRobot Roomba 400, 440, etc.The only robot cleaner that can vacuum, sweep and santinize all in one step.
5 pre-programmed patterns provide effective cleaning results
UV light provides disinfection for your floor and kills bacteria, germs and allergens while cleaning
Work well on hardwood, tile, linoleum floor and low profile carpets, Battery charges up in 3 hours and last for up to 80 min.
Kindly refer the troubleshooting steps & User Manual & Warranty for guidance.