Hand Strengthener Set – 2 Hand Grips Included – Forearm Exerciser Perfect for Increasing Hand Grip Forearm and Wrist Strength – 66 Pound Resistance, Intermediate / Medium Level Grip Strengthener




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A Fast and Cheap Way to Increase Grip and Forearm Strength!


– Improve performance in sports where your hand, wrist and forearm strength are required
– Rehabilitate your injuries, help prevent arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, and improve your quality of life!
– Build muscle strength in your hands wrists fingers and forearms helping you gain definition, prevent injury and improve dexterity


– Unlike the common forearm exerciser on the market (rated at 20lbs) the Supreme Squeeze Hand Strengthener Set offers a massive 66lbs resistance supported by a High Quality Carbon Steel
– Durable and strong design has been engineered to provide a firm, comfortable grip. You can also remove the foam grips for more resistance!
– Supreme Squeeze comes with TWO HAND GRIPPERS and Bonus Materials; including a Bonus Training Program and additional Grip Training Exercises to help achieve optimal results

Take advantage of our Training Program and Bonus Exercises while stocks last!

– Three Ways to effectively target different muscles
– Two Sample Workouts: The Supreme Gripper Basic Workout; and The Supreme Shut Grip Workout
– Five alternative exercises to include in your workout to improve your hand grip strength

We’re Only Happy If You Are!

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your Supreme Squeeze Hand Grips we offer a No Questions Asked 1 Year Guarantee on your purchase

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SAVE 59% TODAY, THE PERFECT GIFT! – Receive a set of TWO quality Foam Hand Grips PLUS free Bonus Materials – Learn different ways to use your Hand Grippers, FIVE alternative exercises to increase grip strength, and TWO sample workouts: 1) The Supreme Gripper Basic Workout; and 2) The Supreme Shut Grip Workout!
RELIEVE STRESS AND LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE – It has been scientifically proven that using a Hand Strengthener helps relieve stress. Using a Hand Exerciser can help lower your blood pressure, improve your blood vessel function all while increasing your strength!
BENEFIT FROM AN INCREASE IN STRENGTH – Using a Grip Strengthener for only a few minutes each day can improve your quality of life. Increase your Hand, Grip, Finger and Forearm Strength with the simple grip training exercises you receive FREE with your purchase
PAIN RELIEF AND REHABILITATION – Rehabilitate and relieve pain using the Supreme Squeeze Hand Grip Strengthener set for conditions such as: Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Tennis Elbow. Regain the strength you have lost in your hands and wrists by keeping your muscles active.
BUILT TO LAST – Our Forearm Exerciser Set is made with the Highest Quality materials. We are so confident in the quality of our products each set comes with a No Questions Asked 1 Year Money Back Guarantee!