Haier® SWR-T320 Household Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Self Charging Wet Mop Cleaning Robot (White US Plug)




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Brief Introduction:

Original Haier SWR-T321 Pathfinder Vacuum Cleaner Robot is very suitable for home use. Just press the button lightly, Pathfinder will get down to clean at once, relieving you from the heavy housework. With intelligent TAC sensor, Haier pathfinder sweeper is intelligent to prevent the collision, sensitive induction to veer timely and front-end soft bumper protects furniture from damage. Super suction can help you save more energy and time. Powerful intelligent cleaning, wet and dry cleaning and 4 cleaning modes for your free choice. Large coverage size can be up to 500 square centimeters, a good household helper. 50db low noise mute will give you a quiet room. Easily deal with all kinds of environment. Suitable for floor, cement, ceramic tile, wooden floor, undercoat carpet, etc. You deserve to own it.


50db low noise mute.

Intelligent frequency conversion frequency area is 600pa – 800pa,automatically changes to 800pa to the most dirty area.

Four sets of anti-falling infrared detection head can accurately detect the danger and prevent it from falling off.

Type: Robot Vacuum Cleaner Robot

Brand: Haier

Model: SWR – T321

Material: Electronic Components

Color: Gold,White

Voltage (V): 14.4V

Power (W): 25W

Noise (dB): Less Than 60db

Input Voltage: 24V

Current (mA): 1A

Battery capacity (mA): 2000mAh

Operating time: 90min

First time charging (hour): 200 – 300min

Capacity (ML): 0.6L Dust Box Capacity

Package weight: 5.163 kg

Product size (L x W x H): 34.000 x 34.000 x 9.000 cm / 13.386 x 13.386 x 3.543 inches

Package size (L x W x H): 46.000 x 42.000 x 16.000 cm / 18.110 x 16.535 x 6.299 inches

Package Contents: 1 x Original Haier SWR-T321 Pathfinder Vacuum Cleaner Robot, 1 x Water Tank, 1 x Virtual Wall, 1 x Mop, 1 x Charging Base, 2 x Brush, 1 x Adapter, 1 x Dust Box, 1 x Cleaning Brush, 1 x Remote ControllerNew Arriving Promotion:50 Units,Only $189.99…… Powerful intelligent cleaning:Wet and dry optional, vacuum suction port anti-wrap, intelligent frequency conversion, four kinds of cleaning mode, TAC crash upgraded to cope with various environment, 3cm super climbing, automatic recharge, virtual wall, low noise mute.
Wet and dry optional:Wet mop, independent humidification (180ml capacity, even penetration, independent humidification), to change three drawbacks of traditional wet mop.180ml water storage tank, detachable water holes, velcro cloth, 120 minutes long time to use per time.Precision fiber cloth with barb surface, can clean every piece of hard cleaning dust, easy to be cleaned by water wash, absorbent fiber structure, its cleaning ability is 98 percent high.
Super rag efficient coverage;The best design of suction (powerful suction mouth, which can hold dust, debris legumes, seeds shells and other rubbish). Vacuum suction port, no brush, no winding, rolling, easy wrapped around the hair brush.4 kinds of cleaning mode:Automatic cleaning, cleans according to the room layout, focus on cleaning concentrates on cleaning the room hardest hit, edge cleaning to places at wall corner, reservation cleaning.
No matter it is confetti debris, cigarette butts and ash, or beans and seeds shell, Haier Pathfinder easy for you to clean them up. Suitable for floor, cement, ceramic tile, wooden floor, undercoat carpet, etc.3cm climbing capacity:It can climb 25 degrees slope height, never impede by slight slope in your home.Virtual wall partition clean by setting certain electronic barriers, you can make it only work within specific areas in strict accordance with your instructions.
Capacity (ML): 0.6L Dust Box Capacity;Automatic recharge:When the power is about to run out, the sweeper can back to recharge with its sharp infrared induction.Dual filter dust box.Roughing filter and HEPA filter make it filtering all kinds of dust efficiently.Cleaning area: About 120 square meters.Rotate speed(r / min): 16000 – 18000.Suction values: 600pa – 800pa.Remote control distance: About 4 meters.