Fragrant Scent Vacuum Cleaner Crystals Lavender Lemon




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Fragrant Scent Crystals: Our vac shop top seller! Vacuum & Room Freshener. It helps to eliminate the smell of dust, pets, tobacco, etc. It is enough for 10-12 applications. Resealable foil pouch keeps product fresh. Transform your vacuum with its smelly exhaust into a scent diffuser and rid odors at their source. All natural, non toxic fragrant scent crystals create a fresh and fragrant indoor environment for your home. Just sprinkle and vacuum or place 1-2 tsp into a clean vacuum bag or bagless vacuum and turn not-so-nice smells into an inspiring fragrance. MADE IN USAFragrant Scent for Vacuum Cleaners
Non Toxic, Non Powdery (Will not harm your vacuum)
Resealable Foil Pouch
Transform everyday cleaning into a pleasant experience!
10-12 Applications per Pouch



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