Ecovacs DEEBOT D83 Floor Cleaning Robot, Metallic




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DEEBOT D83 is the only vacuuming Robot that cleans human and pet hair without tangling and also has mopping ability. Deebot D83 has innovative and convenient features that enable it to deliver enhanced performance on virtually any floor surface and still navigate your home with suv-like ability.  DEEBOT D83 has an exclusive optional mop feature with specially designed cleaning pads for either wet or dry mopping/polishing. D83 also offers interchangeable suction options for the ultimate cleaning experience and a specific robotic solution to picking up hair without tangling.  DEEBOT D83 – power meets versatility.Clean like you’ve never seen before
Removable main brush provides optional direct suction for tangle-free cleaning
A powerful motor and rugged driving wheels enable DEEBOT D83 to easily transition across different types of flooring, inclines and tall doorsills
Dual sweeper side brushes for effective, efficient cleaning along baseboards and room perimeters
Low profile – at a height of less than 4 Inch (10.2 cm), this robot easily cleans under furniture