Ecovacs DEEBOT D35 Bare-Floor Cleaning Robot, Red




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Replace your kitchen broom with a Robot! meet Ecovacs robotics DEEBOT D35, your first floor cleaning Robot. Simple. Effective. Affordable. DEEBOT D35 is easy to operate and maintain, cleans effectively with no-tangle direct suction and has dual Sweeper side brushes for double the cleaning power of other robotic vacuums. Of course DEEBOT D35 is still smart. It safely cleans up to and around stairs, easily fits under furniture to find dust bunnies, automatically detects obstacles in its path and cleans once per day even if nobody is at home and recharges its own battery too. All for a very affordable price. DEEBOT D35 – designed with you in mind.Direct Suction provides tangle-free vacuuming
Low profile design, less than 2.5 Inch tall, clears most furniture and cupboards
Breath easy thanks to an on-board high-efficiency filter
Robot is easy to operate and easy to maintain
Anti-drop technology gives D35 the intelligence to clean around stairs or any drop-off greater than 3 Inch, without falling