Dyson Ball Multifloor Canister Vacuum




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Spare your back without sparing a particle of dirt with this Dyson DC39 The Ball™ Multi Floor Canister Vacuum. It’s loaded with features, including two Dyson signatures: the Dyson Ball, which turns on a dime and gives you greater control, and Radial Root Cyclone technology, a system of reconfigured air channels that reduce turbulence and preserve air pressure so inner cyclones can extract more microscopic dirt particles from surfaces while expelling cleaner air. The turbine head is controlled at the handle, too – including a fingertip switch that raises and lowers the brush bar for different floor types – so you don’t have to bend down to make adjustments. Easily see when the clear dust bin is full and empty it with the push of a button, minimizing contact with dust and allergens. Plus, there’s no loss of suction and a non-removable HEPA filter for ultimate cleaning.   About Dyson Dyson encourages failing – at least as far as creating successful products goes. Engineers start with a problem – something that doesn’t work properly – and figure out how to make it work better. Along the way, failure is a guarantee. But at the end of the process, there’s an innovative solution. Sketching, prototyping, and testing all go into Dyson’s full line of vacuums, hand dryers, fans, and motors, all of which efficiently – and aesthetically – end up making those everyday problems no problem at all. Radial Root Cyclone technology extracts more dirt. Expels cleaner air. Suitable for all floor types. Turbine head controlled at the handle. Fingertip switch controls brush barBall-design allows for easy turning. Clear bin shows when it’s full. Hygienic push-button emptying. Non-removable HEPA filterSleek gray and yellow color scheme. Includes stair tool and combination tool. Dimensions: 10L x 19.9W x 14.5H in..Designed to clean across all floor types.
The only turbine head controlled at the handle. No bending down.
Hygienic bin emptying. Just push the button to release the dirt.
Whole-machine HEPA filtration traps allergens and bacteria inside the machine.
Ball(TM) technology. Steers easily into difficult places.