AUDEW Portable 12V Mini Car Wet Dry Handheld Vacuum Cleaner




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Color: Blue and white
Weight: 500g
Rated Voltage : DC12V
Rated input power: 60W
Cable Length(approx):240cm


Powerful suction
Compact and lightweight
Used directly from the car lighter socket
Complete with convenient attachment and washable filter
Controlled by ON / OFF switch, easy to use.
Suit for home,office ,travel and all vehicles

Using handtools can be dangerous.
Always take care and keep away from children.
Wear protective eyewear in work area at all times.
Select correct type and size of tools for work.
Wear heavy shield and safety glasses.
Do not use cable to carry this product.
Leave the product away from alcohol and other easy-burning materials About the Brand:
Brand Name: AUDEW
Our Vision : Provide the most cheap beauty products to help you upgrade your beloved vehicle and let you feel the most sincere service
Your encourage is our motivation to discover the trend of fashion and create your dreaming products.
Make your car outstanding , enjoy your lifePicks up wet and dry debris
Suit for home,office ,travel and all vehicles
60W, Rated Voltage : DC12V
Light weight and ergonomic design for easy storage
Package includes: 1 x Handheld Vacuum Cleaner



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